Tuesday, September 30

Celebrate International Translator's Day

Happy International Translator's Day. On September 30th, translators and interpreters all over the world celebrate their profession. This date was chosen to pay tribute to St. Jerome, the Catholic patron saint of translators and interpreters. St. Jerome is revered because he translated the Old and New Testaments into Latin. Later to be recognized by the Council of Trent as the official version of the Bible: the Vulgate.

Use this day to celebrate languages and the field of translation and interpretation!

To see the full Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs press release on 2008 International Interpreters & Translators Day please go to: http://www.fit-ift.org/download/en/itd-2008.pdf

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Ukrainiansunshine said...

Happy Translator's Day to you too, Nick! :) I'm aso celebrating this wonderful holiday! I'm a future translator and I hope to read some useful tips at your blog.