Wednesday, December 14

Training and Certification

Training Programs
California State University, Long Beach Translation and Interpretation Studies
CSU Fullerton, Legal/Medical Interpreter Certificate Program
CSU Los Angeles, Legal Interpreter Certificate Program
Kent State University, B.S., M.S. Ph.D in Translation Studies
New York University Certificate in Translation
Southern California School of Interpreting
University of Arizona: National Center for Interpretation
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

ASL Interpreter Certification
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Court Interpreters Certification
California Courts - Court Interpreters Program (CIP)
Colorado Courts - Court Interpreter Program
Connecticut Judicial Branch - State Court Interpreter Certification (Consortium) Program
Court Interpretation - National Center for State Courts
Delaware Courts - Certified Court Interpreters Program
Federal Courts - Spanish-English Interpreter Certification Examination
Florida State Courts - Court Interpreters Program
Hawaii Courts - New Court Interpreter Certification Program
Indiana Courts - Court Interpreter Certification Program
Iowa Courts - Court Interpreters Program
Maryland Courts - Court Interpreter Program
Michigan Courts - Court Interpreter Certification Test
National Center for Interpretation
National Judiciary Interpreter and Translator Certification (NJITCE)
Nevada Supreme Court - Court Interpreters Program
New Jersey Courts - Becoming a NJ Court Interpreter
North Carolina Courts - Interpreter Training Information
North Dakota Supreme Courts - Court Interpreter Qualifications and Procedures
Oregon Courts - Court Interpreter Certification Program
Pennsylvania - Supreme Court’s Interpreter Certification Program
South Carolina Interpreter Certification Program
Tennessee Courts - Court Interpreter Program
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation - Licensed Court Interpreters Exam
U.S. District Courts - Federal Court Interpreter Program
Virginia Courts - Voluntary Certification Process for Foreign Language Interpreters
Virginia's Courts - Interpreter Certification
Wisconsin Courts - Interpreter Program

Translation Certification
American Translator's Association Certification


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Dear, Please define me what qualification requires to get language translation training and certification. Please also give time duration for that type of course.

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