Monday, February 11

Preparation for the California Court Interpreter Examination: An Interview

Throughout my training in the field of interpretation, I've observed a strong desire from new students to understand what it really takes to pass the California Court Interpreter Examination. In order to gain a better understanding of both the examination and preparation process, I interviewed Edgar Hidalgo Garcia, a state certified court interpreter. In this interview, Edgar offers personal anecdotes and advice for preparing to pass this examination.

PART I: Introduction and Training

PART II: Preparation and Examination

Edgar Hidalgo Garcia earned a bachelor of arts degree in Translation and Interpretation from California State University, Long Beach and has presented for the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators.


Anonymous said...

Estimado Nick:

Concuerdo plenamente con los consejos que brinda el Senor Garcia para aprobar el examen estatal para interprete judicial...considero que son conceptos que se podrian emplear para cualquier otro examen de aptitud o destreza verbal como los que el menciona en el video. Enhorabuena y gracias a los dos por este blog informativo y util para todo interprete/traductor o estudiante. Jorge Hernandez

Harry said...

Wow great blog!! I am so glad that I found you. I just watched the two videos with Mr. Garcia. I am currently prepareing to take the oral portion of the state certification exam. Thanks for the advice. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck.

This site is now in my favorites! Mr. Arce, congrats on a great site with many resources for the interpreting and translating fields.

Brandon McClintock