Tuesday, June 17

Babylon 7 Software Review

As a librarian, I am always in search of quality resources. However, when I'm wearing my translator/interpreter cap I'm in search of linguistic resources that will facilitate my daily workload. I recently decided to try out Babylon, a dictionary and translation computer tool. At first I wasn't sure what to expect from this software, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover how user-friendly and useful this tool is. It not only provides translations in up to 75 languages, but also provides immediate access to lexicographical and encyclopedic content. All you have to do is simply click CTRL+Right Click Mouse over the word in question and a box will open indicating its translation into the target language, as well as additional relevant content from Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Oxford English Dictionary (for an additional fee). They also offer spell check and automatic text translation in 17 languages, however I would not rely on machine translation software as they do not adequately translate grammar and syntax.

Babylon is a great supplementary resource to the various references that translators/interpreters use. However, I wouldn't run to my office and start throwing away my print dictionaries. Babylon dictionaries and glossaries should be used as an additional tool to the varied reference materials that we already use.

Overall, a great tool!


Jessica said...

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